Material of Reflectors

Britek offers various and complete photo umbrellas to you including silver, white, transparent, and gold/silver ones. You might already know that direct lighting, no matter lamps or strobe lights, creates shadows or dead white images. It stands to reason using a photo umbrella to render a harmonious lighting.
Now we tell you more to help getting familiar with our perfect solutions. The Gold/Silver Umbrella reflects the lights and creates a higher color temperature, and a brighter image would be shown. In addition, a softer light is announced as you could see in the shadows of eyes parts.
The Softbox offers soft lighting and keeps the brightness as bright as direct lighting, especially the shadow in the face.
Next, when you are trying to reduce the lightness and soften the image, the white and transparent umbrellas are the options you should take. However, the transparent umbrellas will not make differences in the color temperature, while whole-silver ones slightly increase the temperature and get more soften.

Furthermore, silver photo umbrellas are very effective at reflecting lights and a neutral tone is created. A silver umbrella can be supplied when a natural colored object desired, because of its reflecting characters.

Getting confused, Huh?
In short, GOLD color produces warmer Kelvin Color Temperature, while SILVER ones offer the colder ones. If a neutral color rendering is required, then the WHITE photo umbrella is your best friend.

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